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Note: You cannot build (or bet) parlays that include Money Line and Run Line bets for the same game.

Our NBA Parlay Optimization tool exists for one reason: to help you construct the perfect parlay ticket every single day by leveraging the combined power of our accurate bet recommendation & win probability algorithms. Combine bet types, control the exact number of bets you want on your ticket, exclude those teams you want to avoid and more so you can maximize your parlay odds with the simple click of the Optimize button.

Begin by selecting the games you'd like to consider in your parlay ticket. At the top of the page, you'll find the option to include bets from Current Games (all available bets for today and tomorrow) or only those games from a specific date with the Games By Date Option.

If you select Current Games, you'll find bets from those games being played today and tomorrow. Each matchup listing includes the teams playing as well as current odds & Run Total lines. If you select Games by Date, you see the option to toggle between dates and see all available and upcoming games. Those games without posted odds and lines are noted with TBA.

  • By default, all games are considered in the optimization. You may eliminate games and teams from the optimization by clicking on them. By clicking on the Weather tab, you'll see projected weather for each game with the option to eliminate games from each weather bracket as well. The total number of bets being considered in your optimization updates live on the right as you eliminate games or teams.
  • You also have the option to optimized based on 3 separate criteria. The first is by Win Confidence, which prioritizes those bets with the highest win probabilities to maximize your ticket's chances of winning. The second is by Win/Push Confidence, which prioritizes those bets with high win confidence and higher push probabilities to reduce your the risk of your parlay ticket. The third is by ROI %, which prioritizes more high risk bets with the highest projected profit potential.
  • Using the Parlay Inputs, you can set exactly how many Total Bets you'd like to include in your parlay or set the number of each specific bet type to include using the by Bet Type option.
  • The available pool of bets updates live as you set your parameters. You'll see and can sort the list by the Line, Juice, projected Win % and projected ROI % for each bet. From the pool, you can also select individual bets you want to include or exclude from your parlay using the X or + signs. You may return any excluded bets to the pool with the Clear Excluded button.
  • Using the Bet Amount field, you can set the dollar amount you wish to bet on this particular parlay and your projected ROI, Win % and payout are calculated accordingly.
  • Once you've set your parameters and made your selections, simply click OPTIMIZE and the best possible Parlay Ticket is produced for you in seconds!
  • Don't like your ticket or want to start over? Just click Clear Lineup and/or Clear Filters and begin again.
SAC -9.0
Thu 10:00 PM ET
O/U 230.0
DET -7.0
Thu 10:00 PM ET
O/U 217.5
GS -10.5
Thu 10:30 PM ET
O/U 218.5
ORL -7.0
Fri 7:00 PM ET
O/U 208.5
TOR -2.5
Fri 7:30 PM ET
O/U 226.5
DEN -11.0
Fri 7:30 PM ET
O/U 216.0
HOU -6.0
Fri 8:00 PM ET
O/U 221.0




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