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A machine learning system for sports betting & fantasy.

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For Bettors and Fantasy Players

Our tools are built on a platform that delivers hyper-accurate algorithm-driven predictions for every game, player, and statistic in the NFL, NBA, and MLB.

Proven Betting Growth

Our Betting Tools are built to yield profit over the course of an entire season through low-variance bankroll growth. Below are our all-time results for NBA and MLB picks:

Season Sport Completed Picks ROI Win % Dollars Profit
2015 NBA 2,215 3.3% 48.8% $6,453 See NBA Results
2015 NFL 487 8.8% 54% $4,325 See NFL Results
2015 MLB 4,373 2.4% 50.4% $9,158 See MLB Results
ROI = Return on Investment
For every dollar you bet, this is the percentage you would return in profit from each dollar.

Dollars Profit 2015 Seasons


Total Bets 2015 Season

*Based on $100 Bets

What We Do

Collect + Aggregate

We compile hundreds of data sources to build the deepest and most robust sports data warehouses in the world.


Our analysts derive thousands of proprietary statistics tailored to every individual outcome for a game or player.

Machine Learning

Our data science team leverages the most advanced data processing technologies to consistently iterate on millions of sports-specific algorithms.


Data presentation, manipulation, and clarity is the focus of our simple interface design across multiple digital platforms.